Summary, Fall 2016

Total 44,947
Undergraduate 30,873
      New Freshmen 6,545
      New Transfers 3,346
Graduate 12,675
Interns and Residents 1,399

Notes on Methodology

AIM collects and reports enrollment data according to guidelines agreed upon by UC and the state about what kind of instruction is eligible for state support. These rules, which govern reporting on registered students and their study loads, may explain differences between AIM data and data from other sources.

Students are classified as enrolled in either state-supported programs or in self-supporting programs. Students in both groups are included in summary enrollment tables, if they have paid their fees by the end of the third full week of classes. But only the course enrollments of students in state-funded programs are included in AIM's workload and instructional activity reports. UNEX enrollments are excluded from all reports.

AIM data is a snapshot of the enrollments of students who have paid fees by the end of the third full week of classes each term. This will usually differ from views of enrollment at the end of the term.

Graduate students in academic programs are divided into those in general campus programs and those in health sciences programs.

Common Enrollment Questions

How is FTE enrollment calculated?

What are conversion factors?

What is the difference between budgeted FTE enrollment, estimated FTE enrollment, and actual FTE enrollment?

Why do AIM's enrollment data differ from what I see in the Registrar's system or my department's records?